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When a driver hits your parked car and flees

Usually when you drive somewhere, the biggest headache you have to deal with is finding somewhere to park. Let’s say that after leaving the parking lot and going to your destination, you come back to your car only to find that it has been struck by another vehicle—and the driver is nowhere in sight. That's right: Your car has been damaged in a hit-and-run accident.

A hit-and-run is when someone causes an accident and leaves the scene without fulfilling their legal obligations to the victim. In most states, a driver who hits a parked car is required by law to make a reasonable effort to find the car’s owner. If they can’t find the owner, the driver must leave a written notice with their contact information. Not all people are this considerate, though. There are many incidents when the perpetrator of an accident will flee the scene, thinking they can avoid any penalties. So when your parked car is damaged in a hit-and-run, what should you do?

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens

A researcher from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) wants Americans to know that traffic crashes are the single most common cause of death among teens in the United States. That's shocking, but it's not inevitable. There are concrete steps that we can take to reduce teen crash rates. Those steps include education, engineering and enforcement.

"Teen drivers, particularly novice ones, are overrepresented in U.S. fatality and injury crash statistics. The extraordinarily high teen crash rates are unacceptable and it is our core mission to save lives," said the expert, who leads VTTI's Teen Risk and Injury Prevention Group.

What you need to know as the victim of a hit and run

A 17-year-old pedestrian who was recently hit by a speeding vehicle has been in the news lately. The young Severn resident was walking home from a party when a speeding silver vehicle—which may have contained attendees of the same party—hit the adolescent and promptly sped away. The victim was hospitalized with injuries that police describe as life threatening.

This tragic case is a sobering reminder of a crime that happens all too frequently in our country. If you’re the victim of a hit-and-run accident, what is your recourse?

'Explosion of technology' on dashboards is distracting drivers

A recent study for AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety by a University of Utah professor indicates that the "infotainment" technology automakers are increasingly adding to vehicle dashboards is highly distracting. The professor notes that previous studies have noted the problem but that an "explosion of technology" usable behind the wheel is making the problem worse.

The problem is not only that automakers are including a lot of this technology but also that it's becoming more complicated. Instead of a few knobs and buttons, some vehicles now sport 50 multi-functional buttons on the steering wheel alone. There are also touch screens, heads-up windshield displays, voice commands, 3-D computer-generated images and even writing pads, according to the Associated Press.

Trucking companies and their dangerous and deadly practices

While truck drivers come from all walks of life, many, particularly in California, are lower-income immigrants who speak minimal English. Yet, they hold significant responsibilities to haul essential goods for high-profile retailers that include Costco, Target and Home Depot.

Apparently, those responsibilities are coming at a significant cost, both financially and to drivers' well-being.

Marathons and delays in emergency medical care

Government and community leaders often tout the economic benefits that come with hosting major marathons. Thousands of runners and visitors from around the world flock to the events, generating millions of dollars in tourism revenue for local businesses.

However, a new study may show that these boons to city economies may also come with burdens. Similar to parades and protests, marathons require road closures near the route. These and other disruptions impact local residents, particularly those in need of emergency medical care.

Are drones ready for their close-up 100 feet away?

In the short time following a car accident, personal injury lawyers and law enforcement with admittedly different agendas rush to the scene. Lawyers are trying to build a legal case while cops are working quickly to conduct much-needed investigations and subsequently clear the scene.

The days of tape measurements, wheel and chalk marks, other forms of “analog” investigation tools may become a thing of the past. A replacement is waiting in the “wings.” Drones that are currently performing more cutting-edge accident investigations in Illinois could be coming to the skies over the neighborhood near you.

What are the safest cars for teens?

Parents worry about their teenagers when it comes to getting behind the wheel, and for good reason. We have written extensively on how teens are at a higher risk for crashes and injury than drivers of any other age group. The reasons are numerous: teen drivers are inexperienced, prone to take more risks, and are easily distracted, particularly when they have passengers in the vehicle.

Teen drivers often drive older, unsafe vehicles

The status of seatbelt use

Injuries that occur in motor vehicle accidents are more severe when the accident victims are not wearing seatbelts. While it does not reduce the level of negligence that caused the collision, seatbelts can mean the difference between minor and severe, if not fatal injuries.

The federal government established lofty standards for seatbelt use in 2010. Their objective was to have 92 percent of Americas literally restraining themselves in motor vehicles by 2020, whether they were driving or riding in cars.

How safe are Maryland roads from drunk drivers?

Drunk drivers continue to create deadly dangers on roads throughout the country. One-third of those under the influence while driving are the cause of fatal crashes.

Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia received recognition as the lowest rates of fatal crashes involving drunk and drugged drivers compared to the rest of the country.



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