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'Explosion of technology' on dashboards is distracting drivers

A recent study for AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety by a University of Utah professor indicates that the "infotainment" technology automakers are increasingly adding to vehicle dashboards is highly distracting. The professor notes that previous studies have noted the problem but that an "explosion of technology" usable behind the wheel is making the problem worse.

The problem is not only that automakers are including a lot of this technology but also that it's becoming more complicated. Instead of a few knobs and buttons, some vehicles now sport 50 multi-functional buttons on the steering wheel alone. There are also touch screens, heads-up windshield displays, voice commands, 3-D computer-generated images and even writing pads, according to the Associated Press.

Distracted driving deaths down, fatalities up from risky driving

The data for 2016 is in from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the news is somewhat troubling. While fatalities from distracted drivers dipped by 2.2 percent last year, overall traffic deaths rose for the second straight year. NHTSA cites other forms of risky behavior including speeding, failure to wear seatbelts and drunk driving as responsible for the increase.

The safety agency estimates that 37, 461 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents last year. That's the highest number since 2007. Fatal crashes increased by 5.6 percent over 2015, which itself represented a sharp spike. That year, fatal collisions jumped by 8.4 percent over 2014. It was the largest annual percentage increase since the mid 1960s, according to Bloomberg news.

Will driverless vehicles be required to have a human onboard?

It is easy to understand why many people are eager to see the arrival of driverless cars. The technology has the potential to ease congestion and reduce the number of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities.

While it is not yet clear that the promise of driverless tech will be delivered, it is increasingly clear that Rockville streets will one day soon be populated with at least some driverless vehicles. One of the looming questions is whether all of those driverless vehicles will have humans in them.

Are women more likely to suffer concussions?

By studying sports concussions, neuroscientists and researchers have gained significant strides in understanding brain trauma. However, the majority of studies have looked at male brains. The reason being, presumably, because males typically engage in high-impact sports in greater numbers.

Spinal cord injuries can have devastating side effects

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that runs down a person's back body and through the spinal column. The spinal column is a set of bones that protect the spinal cord and that allow a person to move their bodies in a fluid manner. When a Rockville resident suffers an injury to their spinal column and spinal cord their movement and bodily functions can be severely impaired.

Spinal cord injuries can be complete or incomplete. If an injury is complete then the victim's spinal cord does not function below the site of the injury. If the injury is incomplete then the victim may have some capacity for nerve function below the location of the injury.

Summer months means more motorcycles on the roads

Any bike rider will tell you there are fewer thrills more enjoyable than hopping on a motorcycle and hitting the road. There is a distinct intimacy one experiences while on a motorcycle. The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, the road mere few feet below. There is a reason why motorcycle riding is so popular in the United States, including with many riders from the Rockville, Maryland area.

Whether you are a motorcycle driver or not, it is important to recognize that those on bikes also are especially vulnerable to hazards while sharing the roads with other motor vehicles. Since they are less common than traditional passenger cars or even trucks, it is not uncommon for drivers to forget that motorcycles are even on the roads. Since motorcycles are significantly smaller than cars or trucks, they are also far more difficult to see on the streets.

Rate of elder abuse is higher than previously thought

Elder abuse is a growing and overlooked problem. Many elderly people who need extensive care are not able to speak up for themselves, and those that do speak up about neglect are not always heard or helped. This is part of the reason why the most vulnerable are also the most likely to experience abuse, both by family caregivers and in long-term care institutions, including nursing homes.

Nursing home abuse occurs when workers do not take the time to care for residents the way they should, but it can also come from policies that are not as sound as they should be or not properly enforced. Whether the abuse comes from a single negligent or nefarious worker, or is a widespread problem throughout the nursing home, the ones who suffer are those that need and deserve a higher level of care.

The importance of strong representation in the courts

Any time a person leaves their home, they are at risk of a potential accident. No one starts their day thinking they will be in an accident that day, but throughout the United States and throughout the world, tens of thousands of people are injured or killed every day. Often these are due to true accidents, something that could not be avoided. But all too often, an accident is the result of negligence of someone.

Whether it is distracted driving while a teenager is texting on the phone, or someone controlling a boat on the water after too much to drink or a train conductor who is not paying attention and hits a turn on the tracks at too fast a speed. Accidents happen, and we never know when one could strike.

How common are scaffolding accidents?

According to statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, approximately 65 percent of construction sites use scaffolding, lifts or ladders at the jobsite. Since a vast majority of these jobsites use scaffolding as a temporary means of elevating workers, it should come as no surprise that scaffolding accidents and injuries related to falls are among the most common at construction sites.

Due to the inherent risks of workers who are elevated, it is not uncommon for these injuries to be serious, catastrophic or even deadly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is well aware of these dangers and has several regulations in place that employers and employees must follow to minimize the chance of a workplace accident.

Recognizing the risks of distracted driving

Many people from Rockville, Maryland, the surrounding area and throughout the United States are aware of the potential dangers of distracted driving, but many are not necessarily aware of just how dangerous it can be. In fact, looking at recent statistics should come as a dire warning for everyone out on the roads.

According to statistics from the United States Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were nearly 400,000 injuries related to distracted driving and nearly 3,500 deaths in 2015 alone.



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