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The high risk of high-rises

A catastrophic fire in an apartment building across the pond has shown a bright light on orders given to people in tall structures when a blaze erupts. Specifically scrutinized is the long-accepted and seemingly counterintuitive rule to stay in place and far away from the stairs.

Residents of London’s 24-story Grenfell Tower heard those demands after the fire broke out on a lower floor. That strategy fell tragically short as the flames spread and soon engulfed the building.

Fatal boating accidents are on the rise

Fatal boating accidents have reached their highest numbers in the last five years, according to the U.S. Coast Guard’s most recent Recreational Boating Statistics Report. From 2015 to 2016, the total number of deaths on the water reached 701, representing a 12 percent increase from the previous year.

Additionally, injuries increased 11.1 percent from 2,613 to 2,903 during that time. Overall, the total number of accidents was up 7.3 percent, rising from 4,158 to 4,463.

Will new regulations for licensed truck drivers improve safety?

After five months of regulatory reviews mandated by the current White House administration, national training standards for new truck drivers are now law. As of June 5, carriers, trainers and other stakeholders have until February 20, 2020 to comply with the newly finalized regulations.

Commercial driver’s license applicants who receive their CDLs on February 7, 2020 or after will now be required to undergo training based on a specific core curriculum. Specific coursework for Class A certification includes:

The 100 deadliest days for teen drivers

While many think of summer as a time to unwind, parents of teenage drivers have a much more sobering statistic to consider: a greater number of teens are killed in auto accidents during the hundred days following Memorial Day than any another time period of the year.

This may sound like a jarring statement, but it is meant to bring awareness to the fact that over 5,000 youthful drivers were killed in auto accidents during the same time period of days between 2010 and 2014. And that figure is only increasing.

Marathons and delays in emergency medical care

Government and community leaders often tout the economic benefits that come with hosting major marathons. Thousands of runners and visitors from around the world flock to the events, generating millions of dollars in tourism revenue for local businesses.

However, a new study may show that these boons to city economies may also come with burdens. Similar to parades and protests, marathons require road closures near the route. These and other disruptions impact local residents, particularly those in need of emergency medical care.

Fatal auto accidents and children

Fatal motor vehicle accidents involving children under 15 vary widely state by state, according to study by Harvard and UT Southwestern Medical Center. Researchers were the first to look at state-level trends while accounting for differences in geography and state laws.

Overall results show approximately 16 percent of children died in fatal collisions from 2010 to 2014 for a total of 2,885 children. The number represents a mortality rate of .94 per 100,000 per year.

The growing dangers of “dooring”

Currently, 41 states have what is called “dooring laws” that involve bikes colliding with open car doors. However, most of those states have vague language that refers only to “traffic,” creating challenges in the interpretation of the law. Only Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Oregon have wording that specifically refers to the protection of bicyclists and pedestrians.

However, in spite of those legislative actions combined with designated bike lanes increasing throughout the country, a growing number of bicycles colliding with car doors continue to raise concerns.

Are drones ready for their close-up 100 feet away?

In the short time following a car accident, personal injury lawyers and law enforcement with admittedly different agendas rush to the scene. Lawyers are trying to build a legal case while cops are working quickly to conduct much-needed investigations and subsequently clear the scene.

The days of tape measurements, wheel and chalk marks, other forms of “analog” investigation tools may become a thing of the past. A replacement is waiting in the “wings.” Drones that are currently performing more cutting-edge accident investigations in Illinois could be coming to the skies over the neighborhood near you.

Maryland tops all states in teen driving safety

The latest numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveal teen driver-related fatal accidents are on the increase. In 2015, young drivers were involved in1,186 fatal accidents, up nine percent from the previous year’s 1,723. Non-fatal accidents involving teen drivers also grew by 14 percent.

A stat considered “alarming, though not altogether unpredictable" revealed a higher rate of fatal crashes among older, more experienced teen drivers (19 to 20-years old) versus 16 to 17-years-olds, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Is driverless technology as safe as Tesla claims?

Since the introduction of their self-driving vehicles, Tesla has been hit with bad publicity over supposed shortcomings in their driverless technology. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently completed a review of a Florida accident that killed a Model S owner. The investigation focused on Autopilot technology introduced in 2015 for cars to maintain a set speed and course on a highway and make automatic lane changes.

This past January, U.S. regulators concluded that no specific defect existed, in spite of its failure to recognize a truck crossing in front of the car. Still, the damage was done. Tesla was looking forward to change the narrative by releasing their first, widely affordable electric car.



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